Beginner’s Guide into Planting: Growing Plants and Everything You Need To Know

Taking care of our plants and getting to see the fruit of our labor might be one of the most rewarding things we could get. This is especially true if we aren’t one of the fortunate ones that people call “green thumb.”

Good thing, we compiled everything you need to know about planting and how to start the right way.

Here are some of the things you need to put your investments in if you plan to get on this route. With that said, let’s get started!

Plants Are Living Things

Yes, even primary school students are well aware that plants are living organisms. However, most people that are new to planting overlook this fact and sometimes completely forget this.

Like humans, plants need proper nutrition, enough sunlight, and adequate living conditions to stay in tip-top shape. It is also worth mentioning that plants also start out just like babies. They catch all kinds of plant diseases, just like all living things. It doesn’t matter if you use your credit cards to get these plants from a local garden store or if you got them from seeds. At the end of the day, plants will still follow a certain path.

Plants Need Enough Water

We people need around a good amount of water to keep up for a day’s work, so you have to consider that your plants also need to get enough water depending on their needs. However, you must consider the type of plants you are talking about. You wouldn’t want to give your plants a truckload of water, right?

Some signs would point you in the right direction if your plants are getting too much water. If their leaves turn pale or yellowish, maybe it is time to cut water for a bit. It is also best to take a look at the soil mix. If we notice that it is a bit dry (or drier than usual), it might be time to dial up a bit and take a look at our plumbing services. In other words, give it more water and your plants will be more delighted!

Plants Need the Right Mix of Dirt

Enough water and a proper mix of soil go hand in hand when we are talking about plants. There are plants that like damp to dry soil, while others love soaking wet. It all depends on the plant that you are dealing with.

However, that’s not the only thing you have to consider. Knowing what type of soil mix is also a piece of crucial information that you need. Just take a look at some varieties of plants– some strive on sandy soil mix and others grow well in a soft and fluffy mix. It just all falls into the type of vegetation your plants need.

Another thing you have to consider is the amount of soil mix you have. If your plants look like it is struggling to grow to a certain degree, you might need to transfer it to a bigger container.

Plants Need Light

It is important to know that almost all plants love sunlight, but you have to take note that all plants are not the same. Some love long exposure to sunlight while others don’t. Like what we always tell you, it all depends on the variety of plants you are working with.

Knowing the types of plants and how they prefer to get sunlight might be difficult, but with the help of your friends and other plant enthusiasts, you might be able to find out the exact thing you are looking for. We’ll never know if one of your friends has that kind of plant sitting in their greenhouse.

The best thing to do is to put them in roofings with a bit of shade and have direct sunlight exposure as well. Try to see what kind of condition your plants want, and from there on, try to make adjustments. Most indoor plants don’t need direct sunlight so keep them in spaces with natural lighting.


Now that you have all the right information you need to get going, you should start making yourself a green thumb!