Indoor Gardening: Indoor Plants that are Edible and Perfectly Safe for Humans

Many people are into indoor gardening for aesthetics reasons and the health benefits they could gain from them. After all, it is common knowledge that plants give us cleaner air and supply us with fresh oxygen.

However, there are very few plant enthusiasts who know that some indoor plants are edible. Well, you don’t need to have a culinary degree to get them in your tummies. So, with that in mind, take a look at a couple of greens that would bolster up your health with this indoor garden menu!


Hibiscus has one of the most beautiful flowers of all indoor plants. It is very easy to take care of and doesn’t need a ton of attention. On top of that, the flowers that bloom from them are so charming and transforms our average garden into a great one.

On the other hand, the hibiscus flowers sport a couple of health benefits similar to what we see from a cranberry. Many people use their credit cards from health stores to get a couple of herbal medicines from hibiscus. In some cases, medicinal hibiscus flowers fetch a huge amount of money if prepared properly.

A slow-release fertilizer in a wide pot paired with a good drainage system is an ideal spot to grow hibiscus. Direct access to sunlight for at least two to three hours a day would be best for this flower-bearing beauty.

Hibiscus flower can also be consumed as a tea or a beverage mix proven to treat and control the symptoms of high blood pressure, cholesterol, and a couple of inflammations. For those who are dealing with constipation, a cup of hibiscus tea would solve your problem.

On top of all of these, the most important thing you should look after would be the amount of water you pour into your soil mix. As a tropical plant, hibiscus loves water but watch out if you are pouring a lot. You wouldn’t want to soak it out too much.


A lot of us are very familiar with lavender, especially if we are talking about the plant’s scent. Lavender plants are good investments if we are interested in growing edible gardens. Plus, it is very versatile as it can grow both indoors and outdoors.

Lavender can be planted in various ways, making it perfect for most people. Some grow them from seeds while others opt for cuttings. A good planter with decent drainage will do the trick. This plant strives in sandy mixes and doesn’t like too much water.

Once lavenders reached the right stage, you can make tea out of them. Some people use their credit cards for going into the groceries for salads, and we bet they would love lavenders since they can also be made into dressings and sauces.

Lavender tea can also drastically reduce stress levels and the anxiety meter of those who regularly drink its tea. If you are also having issues getting a good night’s sleep, drinking a cup of this would definitely improve your mood.

Nature blessed us with a great plant that has an exceptionally sweet and savory flavor. Thus, making the lavender an excellent complement for a few desserts such as ice creams and cakes. Entrepreneurs even take it to the next step and use them to establish their own dessert stand with lavender as their main ingredients. So if you see someone you know who is growing lavender and talking with their bank for a business loan, we might probably guess what’s next.