Indoor Planting: Surprising Health Benefits and Why You Should Start Now

A lot of people are into indoor planting because of various reasons. Some love flowering plants because of their looks, while others like ivy for those rich greens. However, most people don’t know that these indoor plants have certain effects on our overall health in a good way.

Harmful gas particles and toxins are common and indoor plants help filter these nasty things out from the vicinity. That’s just one of the healthy things brought to us by our beloved plants. With that said, we’ll provide you a few other benefits that would surprise you and why you should start doing indoor plants.

Healing Benefits

Nature gave us plants as our natural source of medicine, and they are very effective. Just take a look at the aloe vera plant, it has various healing capabilities. The gel inside the aloe vera plant is a good soothing agent when it comes to sunburns.

It also acts as a natural air filter that keeps harmful gas and air particles off from the air. Asthmatic people would also benefit from boiling the leaves in water. The vapor produces relief to people suffering from asthma. What more could you ask for? Well, that’s just one of the examples of getting into indoor planting.

Fresh Air Natural Air Purifiers

A couple of years ago, a couple of brilliant brains in NASA conducted a series of tests and studies about the clearing up harmful toxins from the air we breathe in. It turns out that plants that are considered efficient gas and air filters are just lying in our local garden centers. One particular example of this would be the spider plant.

Spider plants are known for their resiliency and how easy they are to propagate. That’s pretty much the requirement plants need to fall into the category of easy-to-maintain indoor plants. Their hassle-free status comes with huge benefits.

As we all know, plants consume carbon dioxide and release oxygen during the day but did you know that snake plants love working overtime? Yes, we have to give snake plants huge credit for producing oxygen even at night time.

Harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, xylene, and benzene are usually present in the air we breathe in. Good thing, spider plants are excellent air purifiers that easily break down these harmful elements.

Another one of nature’s best air purifiers would be the rubber plant. They are a top performer in NASA’s Clean Air Studies. In fact, the rubber plant holds one of the top ranks when it comes to eliminating harmful gas, compounds, and toxins in the air. On top of that, its properties made them perfect for indoor planting.

Now, it is best to place them in bedrooms for maximum effects of these indoor plants’ air purification and oxygen supply. The recommended placement would be within the two-meter mark for us to reap the maximum health benefits.

Natural Fragrance

Kaffir limes are great for making those bad and nasty indoor odors away. That’s why many people use their credit cards and order a bunch of these from their local garden stores and use them as their natural air fresheners.

After all, it is a gift from nature, and second, you’re freshening up the air without using any kinds of chemicals present in artificial air fresheners.

More Focus

Many people who have indoor gardens would agree that they come out from their work with a lot of focus and more positive than people without plants surrounding them. That’s precisely right. Plants improve our overall concentration as well as our productivity. At the same time, they reduce stress levels and fatigue to a certain degree. Thus, making us more successful.

Try setting up a couple of indoor plants near your workspace, and you’ll see the difference! The same can be said for your kids. Grab a couple of indoor plants on their study desk and see their scores soar up! You’ll be surprised to see that this thing works.