Plant Healthcare Hacks: Newbie Guide For House Planting

Taking care of houseplants saw a huge resurgence in recent times. With that said, there’s a lot of people who are still in the dark when it comes to the right things to do with plants.

People are experimenting for the most efficient way to get their plants in their healthiest state possible. Some even resort to spending too much on their credit cards to get those greens up.

Suppose you are one of those people who are dealing with a hard time with their plants. Well, don’t worry! We are here to help you guys with some tips and life hacks that would bring out that green thumb of yours.

The Perfect Spot With Enough Sunlight

Deciding where to place your indoor plants might be one of the overlooked aspects of making the most out of your greens. After all, with the investments you put in your home, it would be nice to fill it up with beautiful ornaments like indoor plants.

However, this is where most of the issues kick in. Most people just dump their indoor plants at the corner of their house that doesn’t have enough light, which is not ideal for them. When thinking of the most ideal spot to place your plants, you have to consider the light source and the aesthetics that go along with it. It is also worth mentioning that a couple of half-turns to the pot you place near your windows would help your plants in the long run since all of their parts will receive enough sunlight.

Sponges Would Make Your Pot Hold Water Longer

If your plant likes water a lot and you constantly see it’s soil drier than usual, it might be time to repot your indoor plant. However, this time, it might be best to tuck a sponge at the flooring of your pot before pouring in your soil mix.

The sponge absorbs more water. Thus, making the whole soil mix hold moisture longer. This reservoir will act as a storage tank and a stopper for the liquid that we pour out.

Tea Break for Your Plants

We know having a cup of tea every now and then is relaxing and the same rule applies to acid-loving plants like ferns and gardenias. What do we mean by that? Well, try pouring tea to your ferns and you’ll be surprised how green their leaves would become.

You also don’t need to get all worked up and use your credit cards to buy tons of tea. Even the tea leaves would work. Just spread wet tea leaves into your soil mix and that should do the trick. Remember that this hack is only suitable for acid-loving plants.

Humidifier for the Win

If you feel that your indoor plant doesn’t have enough moisture, people back in the days would use a spray of water to keep the leaves freshly-looking. However, did you know that there’s a more efficient way for this approach?

Instead of using a spray bottle, why not use a humidifier? This would keep the leaves green all-day and would help your plants grow new root systems. Consider using your credit cards and try ordering one now and see the results for yourselves.

Add Mayo to the Mix

If you guys are having issues with your plants’ leaves, you might want to consider this tip. Dull-looking leaves might be an eyesore to some, but a pinch of mayonnaise might help you get things done. Just put a small amount on a paper towel and gently rub it on the leaves of your plants. This would give you rich, green leaves that would last for weeks. In some cases, it can even go for a month!

No need to put extra effort into that expensive roof repairs to get those greens up and running. Just a couple of bucks will do the trick.

There are still many tips out there, but these certainly are the most helpful ones. Just keep in mind that not all plants are the same and they might have different needs, so keep an eye for those signs.