The Best Place To Visit To See Flowers Bloom

Blooming flowers is probably one of the most satisfying sights to see, especially if you love nature. However, we can’t always be right beside our beloved flowers to see them actually bloom.

With that in mind, if you want to get the full, live picture of those beautiful tulips or that delicate orchids bloom, these are the places you should consider spending your credit card balance for. Here are the top destinations that you should visit to see the beautiful flowers bloom.

Lisse, Netherlands

If you are within the vicinity of Lisse, Netherlands, during April and May, you might want to visit the lovely Keukenhof Gardens or the Garden of Europe. The 32-acre land is filled with approximately 7 million flower bulbs.

With that in mind, you might probably see the whole picture of why it is a breathtaking sight to visit. Just imagine yourselves surrounded by millions of colorful tulips. We are pretty sure it will be a trip worth every penny that you spend through your credit cards.

Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina

Rhododendrons are probably one of the most beautiful gifts we saw from mother nature. It comes in all kinds of colors, shapes, and sizes as well.

If you happen to be close to Blue Ridge Mountains, North Carolina, during June, it might be best to stay a bit longer and be part of the North Carolina Rhododendron Festival. It is just a couple of miles away from Bakersville, so you don’t need to gas up that often. In return, you’ll see a bunch of rhododendrons that blanket not only the slopes of the Blue Ridge Mountains, but they also flood the streets with these sweet and colorful buds.

Akureyri, Iceland

This time, let’s go somewhere north in the area of Akureyri, Iceland. If you are wondering what’s there to visit in the area, well, it’s the home of the Arctic Botanical Gardens.

All kinds of native plants are on display there, and the cool part is that you are just a couple of miles away from the Arctic Circle. You might not even need a full tank of gas on your trip. Plus you’ll get to see all kinds of local and beautiful flowers bud.

Route 1, California

California is known for its great weather, and it also happens to be a perfect climate for most flowers. In some places, there’s a couple of degrees of discrepancies that aren’t suitable for red poppies.

Good thing, the Humboldt National Redwood Forest has the perfect temperature for these red poppies. If you happen to pass by at the right time, you’ll be surprised to see a blanket of these rich and beautiful flowers on the hillsides.

Carmona, Spain

Imagine yourself surrounded by thousands of sunflowers while you are on the field. That’s probably the sensation you’ll get if you happen to go to Carmona, Spain.

The area covers 30,000 hectares of land filled with the bright yellow color of the stunning sunflowers. If you still have a couple of dollars to spare on your credit card bill, then, by all means, go and visit the sunflower field. The best time to visit the area would be around May and June, so make sure you mark up your calendars.

Glacier National Park, Montana

If you are looking for a nature-filled botanical garden, the Glacier National Park in Montana might be the best one to look for.

In late-June to mid-July, the alpine meadows and the rich field of wildflowers that bloom within the vicinity are jaw-dropping. If you are worried about your gas and mileage, why not take a hike and enjoy nature’s beauty upfront and personal!