Unforgettable Hollywood Moments That You Couldn’t Believe Had Happened

The times that modern Hollywood has managed not only to wow us in awe of the talent and pure sophistication but also to shock us in amazement at the bold moves our favorite celebrities make up now and then. Though they are basking in the limelight, they too are people, and sometimes they make questionable moves. Some of these moves may be embarrassing or a little daunting, but others are actual decisions that ordinary folk just simply cannot make. Being constantly followed by paparazzi and the media, every second of their lives are documented. At the expense of our entertainment, the media is always ready to serve. The public wants to always be in the know of the latest happenings of our idols’ private lives. We have come up with a list that will detail big celebrity moments that will either shock you, amaze you, or make you laugh. Either way, we promise these stories will entertain. Here are the most unforgettable moments in Hollywood that you just couldn’t believe actually happened!


Former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson is known to be quite the bombshell. Besides her internationally beloved performance as CJ Parker, Anderson also gained recognition for starring in shows like Home Improvement and VIP. With that said, she is not only a beauty in her tan skin and beautiful iconic blonde locks, but she is also pretty talented in the dating department. Having worked with a divorce attorney four times before, you wouldn’t think that she would make the same mistake for the fifth time.

That’s where you’re wrong because Anderson married producer Jon Peters and their marriage lasted only 15 days. Apparently, this was a rekindled love story as the two dated decades ago. Peters said in an interview that he waited on Anderson for 35 years. Things did not go well, however, when Peters paid off a big amount of debt to her name. Things went sour in their relationship and ended quickly after that.