Online Trailblazers: Top Celebrity Influencers On Social Media


Facebook: 71 Million
Twitter: 87.2 Million
Instagram: 140 Million
Youtube: 39.9 Million

For musical giant Taylor Swift, the realm of social media has been both a blessing and a curse. At the start of her career, social media played a big part in getting Taylor to a higher position in Hollywood. She used her platforms to get in touch with fans, even going as far as messaging them on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. It was definitely a smart move on Taylor’s part as it contributed to her degree of influence and quickly shot her up the celebrity social ladder.

But it was not without consequence, of course. As more and more information about Taylor became available online, more and more hate comments were hurled her way. But Taylor is not dubbed the “Queen of Comebacks” for nothing. After a slew of online rivalries with haters and musical rivals, Taylor was able to redeem herself by using her platforms to surprise her fans with new content and music. Today, Taylor is back, a little more private than before, but definitely stronger than ever.