This Is How These Lucky Heirs Spend The Millions Of Money They Have

Preston Bezos | Son of Jeff Bezos – Amazon & Blue Origin

Net Worth: Est. $35 Million

Jeff Bezos is one of the richest men on the planet. He has now a centi-billion net worth due to his skyrocketing success in e-commerce. After working on Wall Street for several years, he founded his company, Amazon, which is now one of the most influential businesses in the world. Upon succeeding and reigning the internet-based retail market, the billionaire then expanded to other investments such as Blue Origin. In the previous year, Bezos and his ex-wife, Mackenzie, announced their separation after 25 years of marriage.

The Bezos family has maintained their privacy amidst Jeff’s popularity and their wealth. Though little is known about his children and his family life, some facts are readily available. The former couple has four children,  one of whom is adopted. Their eldest son, Preston Bezos, is now 20 years old and attending his father’s alma mater, Princeton University.