Get To Know The Partners of The Richest Men

Jerry Hall, Wife of Rupert Murdoch

Jerry Hall was the former wife of Mick Jagger who is also the father of their four children. They eventually separated, with her saying that the marriage was not legal according to law. When the two met, she was actually engaged to Bryan Ferry but she left him in 1977 to pursue her feelings for Jagger. They held a ceremony in Bali, Indonesia, in 1990, but this ceremony was treated as informal and void.

Later on, she met media business magnate Rupert Murdoch. They announced their engagement in 2016 and married three months later at the Church of England of St. Brides, Fleet Street. Murdoch is an Australian-born media mogul, who has numerous investments in local, national, and international publishing outlets all over the world. Among those businesses includes The Sun, The Times (UK), The Daily Telegraph, and The Wall Street Journal. His estimated net worth is around a massive $18 billion.