This Is How These Lucky Heirs Spend The Millions Of Money They Have

Peter Max Heister | Son of Beate Heister – Aldi

Net worth: $39.4 billion

Son of Beate Heister, Peter Max Heister has assumed a seat in the advisory board of Aldi. The two German family-owned supermarkets, Aldi Süd and Aldi Nord are Germany’s largest supermarket chain. Aldi Süd, in particular, has revenues of $91.9 billion, with recent investments in the U.S. market.

Peter is a grandson of Karl and Theo Albrecht, who founded Aldi in 1946. Peter has been active as a member of the company’s advisory board. While Peter’s actual net worth is unknown, what is certain is that the children of Karl Albrecht have a combined net worth of $39.4 billion, of which Peter is to inherit a share of the wealth. Information about the Heister and Albrecht family is minimal due to their decision to stay away from the limelight.