Curious? Here are some of the highest net worth of the most followed celebrities in the industry

Gwyneth Paltrow | $150 Million

With her mother being an actress and her father being a filmmaker, it comes as no surprise that Gwyneth Paltrow later followed suit. Paltrow’s debut was in 1989 when she starred in High, a TV film directed by her father. Since then, she has received widespread recognition for her acting credit in projects like Seven, Sliding Doors, Shakespeare in Love, and for recently portraying Pepper Potts in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Outside her career appearing in front of the cameras, Paltrow also dabbled in other ventures. Along the way, she narrated The Brown Bear & Friends, an audiobook based on a children’s book, which also earned her a Grammy nomination. With that said, she’s also written a few books, including Spain… A Culinary Road Trip and Notes From the Kitchen Table. Thanks to all the works she has done inside and outside the entertainment industry, Paltrow has since accumulated a net worth of $150 million.